Dressing Sharp and Casual The Comprehensive Guide for Young Men

ciCustom suits and imported silk ties look great, but they’re not a lot of use to young men in their late teens and early 20s.

Even if you could afford that kind of a wardrobe (most can’t), there’s no place to wear it – it’s far too formal for socializing with 20-somethings, and very few men are walking out of college and straight into high-powered financial or legal offices.

So much of the advice on how to dress well as a man isn’t all that useful for high school and college students, or even for post-grad students and working 20-somethings. A good suit is useful to own, but not something you’re going to be wearing when you go out with friends.

So what to wear instead?

The trick is diversifying – taking the same casual level of dress that most young men wear, and adding new looks to it to stay sharp without looking stuffy.

The Varied Wardrobe: A Young Man’s Friend

It’s safe to assume that most young men have a couple pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, a sweatshirt or two, and maybe a few button-down shirts in their

Karl Lagerfeld takes Chanel on a nature trail in Paris

NATURAL CHANELAt Chanel, the show starts long before the clothes appear. Karl Lagerfeld’s overture began a few days ahead of this collection with the show tickets: simple slabs of eco-friendly plywood looking nothing like haute couture’s traditional beribboned and gold-embossed invitations.

Once inside the Grand Palais on the day of the show, guests found themselves transported from the leaden skies and frenetic streets of Paris to a blissed-out, spa-like stage set, with a painted blue sky lit by floodlights and a backdrop of trees in full leaf. A minimalist pavilion in slatted wood sat in the centre of a lawn edged by paths picked out in yet more pale wood.

The natural idyll was a notable departure from Lagerfeld’s recent Chanel shows, which have been staged in a Paris street scene (September 2014), a cafe (March 2015), a casino (July 2015) and an airport (October 2015). The presence of the ethical fashion campaigner Livia Firth in the seat next to Anna Wintour was another final clue to the theme of this collection, which Lagerfeld said later was about fashion and

The Secret World of Fast Fashion

poOver the past 15 years, the fashion industry has undergone a profound and baffling transformation. What used to be a stable three-month production cycle—the time it takes to design, manufacture, and distribute clothing to stores, in an extraordinary globe-spanning process—has collapsed, across much of the industry, to just two weeks. The “on-trend” clothes that were, until recently, only accessible to well-heeled, slender urban fashionistas, are now available to a dramatically broader audience, at bargain prices. A design idea for a blouse, cribbed from a runway show in Paris, can make it onto the racks in Wichita in a wide range of sizes within the space of a month.

Popularly known as “fast fashion,” this trend has inspired a great deal of media attention, but not many satisfying explanations as to how this huge shift came about, especially in the United States, and why it happened when it did. Some accounts attribute the new normal to top-down “process innovations” at big companies like Inditex, the parent company of Zara and the world’s largest—but hardly most typical—fast-fashion retailer. And at times, popular writing has simply lumped fast fashion in with the generally sped-up pace of

How To Look Pretty And Still Dress Warm

What exactly are winter fashion tips for women and how can those tips help you to dress warm and stylish? For most people winter is no season to wear skirts, shorts and dresses from the summer. There are some tips that will help you to look cute, stylish and still dress warm.

Tip 1) Leggings And Tights

Do you believe it´s impossible to wear leggings and tights in winter because you are sick and tired of freezing all day long? When it gets really cold in December – February you can still were “ladies” that will help you to cover your skin optimally. If it gets really cold you can throw up a pair of really thick tights to make sure you won´t freeze. After you did that, you can put ladies on top of them. Believe it or not, but the double protection will almost assure that you will feel like having a “heating” next to your legs. There is no reason to freeze if you can use these winter fashion tips now.

What kind of colors should you choose for leggings and tights? You should most absolutely go with black. Black is

6 Quick And Easy Fashion Tips For Men

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly

This probably sounds funny but you would be surprised how many men don’t know how to fit their clothes. You usually see guys wearing clothes that are too big. There is nothing cute about this look. Fit is king. And if you want to look your best, your clothes have to fit the properly.

You want your clothes to hug the shape of your body. However, you don’t want your clothes to be too tight. Its a thin line. But once mastered you will always look your absolute best.

Always Keep It Simple

Looking good is about wearing the right clothes. Its about wearing clothing that looks good on you. And most of the times simple is better. Never wear more than three pieces of jewelry. That’s overload. You should also stick with three colors or less. If your not in a rock band or a big time rapper, avoid dressing like one. Just remember that simple is stylish.

Watch Out For Those Supporting Pieces

The first and most basic fashion tip for men is to make sure your top and bottom halves match. By

5 Quick Fashion Tips for Men

Like women, men can also be fashionable. What a man wears is as crucial as his communication skills. A man can look more attractive when he dresses up neatly and wears the right types of clothing. Consider these five basic fashion tips to improve your style:

Tip #1:

Fit is very important. Even for women, it is important for a piece of clothing to fit perfectly. You would notice a lot of men wearing clothing that are very big or too tight for them. If you wish to look perfect, you need clothes that fit best. Your outfits should be hugging your body’s shape but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to choose very tight garments. Choosing bad fitting outfit can have a big impact on the way you look.

Tip #2:

Be simple. Though you want perfect garments that will look best on you, you shouldn’t overdo it. You can look gorgeous and stylish even if wearing simple attire. Don’t wear too much accessories. At least three accessories or jewelry will do. And, do not choose to wear more than 3 colors. Another important tip is to never dress up like a

Body Shape Fashion Tips

Every woman wants to feel and look great. Some women want to look good for their husbands or boyfriends, some for strangers they don’t even know and some want it for themselves. The reasons might be different but they can’t achieve it without some right body shape fashion tips.

I think I can speak for most women and say that one of the most difficult things in our lives is to accept our bodies the way they are, especially when they are not perfect. And usually they’re not. But when you can achieve that and find inner peace between you and your body, you’ll stop stressing out about your size and start to concentrate on more important things in your life.

The first step to achieve that is to find out what body shape you are and then use mine great body shape fashion tips to disguise your flaws and show the best assets of your body. There are four common body shapes – pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle.

Probably the most common type is pear. Pears have their upper body smaller than lower and when they gain weight it usually goes to their

3D printing Reinventing fashion

3D printing is conquering the fashion world. Although the pioneering new technology still has limitations, more designers are today experimenting with it and create entirely new looks. This spring, the first 3D print fashion show was organised in New York, showing what the future of fashion might be like, writes Regina Henkel.

The future scenario in the context of 3D printing is like this: every household will have its own 3D printer, and everyone will be able to design and produce their own products by simply printing them. The consumer will become the producer. Even if the consumer downloads the design from the Internet, the production will easily be done by the printer. It is the last phase of the democratisation of fashion, and the final solution for no-waste-production.

Essentially, 3D printing is an additive method: which means layer upon layer completely new structures can be built in three dimensions and seamlessly – without producing any waste. And, without over-production too. The raw materials for 3D printing are in plastics right now, but metals and even biomass are also possible. It’s only a question of time when 3D knitting and 3D cloth will together

Approval procedures need to be swift

Improvisation of infrastructure, reforming labour laws, investing in a skilled labour force, implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and most importantly, speedy approvals are some of the measures that domestic brands feel are required for the ‘Make in India’ initiative to be a success, reports Manisha Almadi Midha.The ‘Make in India’ campaign was launched by the Narendra Modi government for 25 sectors, including the textiles and apparel industry. It focuses on transforming India into a global manufacturing hub by encouraging brands to manufacture in India. The campaign also hopes to attract capital and technological investment into the country, thus spurring GDP growth. While some domestic brands share their views on the campaign, global ones completely shy away from participation. Some say that being MNCs they cannot comment on ‘Make in India’, while others are wary of sharing their feedback on a government policy as it might affect their stake in the market. Fibre2Fashion did a wrap-up of two domestic brands that came forward: Fusion Beats and Riot.

Fusion Beats is a womenswear brand, Western in look but Indian in spirit. It is an amalgamation of ethnic and western wear. 109°F, on the other hand, is a women’s fashion

Fashion gets personal with blogs

There was a time when the internet was used to exchange documents and to read up.

As the time passed, it has became a tool to communicate with, shop, influence people and even write online journals. When blogging started as part of an internet activity, it was more of one way communication. Then, interactive features were added making blogs more potent than ever. Readers’ comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse’s mouth. Blogging is an important activity now, with popular bloggers influencing politics, fashion and every other sphere of society.

Fashion blogs have especially become a way to increase sales, understand customer sentiment and demand, improve product quality and understand future trends for both the buyers and brands. The addition of facilities like uploading photographs, viewers’ comments and queries, as well as expert opinions on a series of topics have opened up a new interactive platform for bloggers.

Strong hold on audience
In the past, fashion magazine editors, super models, designers and movie stars represented and influenced the fashion world. The modern world of fashion has evolved and it takes inspiration from everywhere – from casual street styles to elegant elite designs. Thus, the role of fashion bloggers who

Deciding on the Brand name for your fashion label

In today’s marketplace with thousands of products and services being rapidly commoditised, a brand name helps to stand out and establish a clear identity in the market. The brand name in itself signifies the existence of a powerful “narrative” link to the brand.

“You must carefully define your attitude, your particular sense of style and fashion, and what sets you apart from the other labels” says Jay Jurisich, Creative Director, Igor, a branding consultancy firm based in San Francisco.

Fashion labels mostly use the designer’s name as the brand name. This helps in creating an association with the quality and uniqueness of the apparels. The value added on the name is to create a hook in order to connect the consumers with the unique identity of the designer in terms of quality and exclusivity. This would help to increase the longevity of the relationship like Giorgio Armani, GUCCI, Prada, etc.

What you may need to know before selecting a brand name

Define your audience archetype

The brand name may be created keeping the consumers in mind. A well researched name helps to associate with a large number of consumers. With a clearly defined

These 7 Spring 2016 Hair Trends Are Going To Be Huge, According To Celeb Hair Stylists

NYFW might be all about what’s going to hit the market this fall, but I personally care most about what’s just around the corner: spring. After sneaking backstage at a few shows, I’m stupid excited to share all the spring 2016 hair trends with you that are going to be huge. I’m getting the scoop straight from professional stylists!

While taking a quick break from turning models’ hair into straight up effortless art backstage at the Katie Ermilio show, I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with Mirza Batanovic, lead hairstylist for the show and a Eufora educator, along with Dana Hodges, another of Eufora’s amazing national trainers and stylists. And fun fact, if you read Bustle’s fashion news regularly, you’ll totally recognize their names from an article on whether or not razoring is bad for your hair, as well as the key things hairstylists would never do to someone’s hair.

Before I dive into what to expect this spring, I want to give you a quick heads up on what Batanovic and Hodges have officially deemed “old news.” Sadly for all the lazy hair girls out there (myself totally included), both stylists agreed that the

Accessories Scene New York Fashion Week Fall 2016

based handbag line Hunting Season got a jump-start on fashion week with a breakfast hosted by founder Danielle Corona, previewing her new collection at Café Clover Monday. She introduced a new shape — a saddle bag that stands on its own in all crocodile and a suede-croc combo — in keeping with the brand’s ethos of a more youthful take on exotics.

Brazilian jeweler Ara Vartanian hosted a cocktail party Monday night at the Mercer Hotel to introduce his latest collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Highlights included a torque-style choker in 18-karat white gold and diamond flanked by two stunning tanzanites; a large emerald and black diamond double pendant, and a gold cuff with rubies, black diamond with kunzite center stone. All will be showcased in his new Mayfair boutique opening in London this May.

1. Referencing the famous Seven Sisters of the constellation Pleiades, the Lulu Frost presentation showed models adorned in designer Lisa Salzer’s Frequency collection, such as the gold-tone group with labroradite, sapphire, peridot and moonstones worked in a twisted ribbon shape. The models donned tights with hand-embroidered crystals in the shapes of constellations.

2. Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost explored the universe for her latest collection, called “Frequency.” Not

Your Ultimate Guide to 2016 Summer Beach Fashion

Things are finally heating up in northern Europe which can only mean two things: more (pale) skin is showing…and there’s a lot more color outside! I don’t know about you, but when the sun is out, I opt for brighter colors in my wardrobe. And with my frequent trips to some of Europe’s best beaches this summer, you can bet I’ve had my eye on what other guys were wearing (or weren’t). I’ve pulled together all my favorite items I’ve worn to the beach this summer to give you a bit of insight on what’s fashionable at the beach.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

Bright colors

Colors have always been popular in beach towns, but while browsing clothing shops, one thing that stood out has been the incredible amount of neon. Hopping between several stores in Barcelona, there seemed to be neon flip-flops, neon shirts, neon hoodies—neon everything. A bit of color never hurt anyone!

The bright-color trend seems to have carried over into more than just shirts and tops, though. Swatch has been making brightly colored watches for years—and for relatively cheap usually under 50€.

Tank tops & tees

Is there any better place to wear a sexy tank top than on

What to Wear to the Beach 5 Outfit Ideas

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article Top 10 Fabulous Beach Day Essentials, there are so many cute coverups and other options to wear to the beach. If you’re stumped for what to wear to the beach or just want a little bit of inspiration, here are five beach day outfit ideas.

Outfit #1

This outfit makes the quintessential “shorts and a top” look a lot more interesting. First, a black monokini doubles as a top when worn under denim shorts and a button-down white shirt left unbuttoned for maximum cool factor. A fun floral bag adds color and interest, while turquoise gladiator sandals are far more fabulous than basic flip flops.

Outfit #2

This outfit keeps it simple in the best possible way. A loose white tee and shorts combine for the ultimate summer uniform, while a basic black bikini is universally flattering. Dark faux Wayfarers (or real ones if you have the cash) are just as classic. I love the addition of some metallic Havaianas sandals and a buffalo plaid bag for a little extra interest that still keeps it simple.

Outfit #3

This look channels the 80’s trend that’s so popular right now with lots of brights and a hint of acid wash for

Craftsmanship as a Strategic Value for Luxury Fashion Market

Craftsmanship is in demand more than ever and we can see its rising appeal within modern society (Campbell, 2014), especially in Luxury Fashion Market. According to this perspective, traditional craft methods seem to play a strategic role within contemporary fashion design courses and research, setting new relationships between theoretical subjects and many high-end artisanal practices.

Often, the students show a lack of information on what those craft practices really are and, most importantly, what constitutes their values.

The Craft Council supported by the UK government is currently discussing on how to prevent the craft skills and traditions from disappearing. The aim is to find the best way to support tools for crafts development as well as the design and innovation in crafts.

The storytelling of tangible and intangible aspects of a crafted object is what crafts are about in today’s western societies. The manufacturer understands the need for his craft to have a valid purchase potential. Why is a crafted object worse paying for and what is the story engraved into it? This last paradigm brings a new aspect of crafts and reinforces the fact that crafts are valuable goods not only in the production process but also through the message and story

Paris fashion week spring OR summer 2014 10 things we learned

1. Powerful is better than pretty

Phoebe Philo said her Celine show was about “power and women”; Miuccia Prada said her show was about women being strong and visible. When two of the fashion world’s smartest and most influential women are on the same page, something is in the air. This being Paris fashion week, it seems appropriate to quote Coco herself: fashion reflects the world we live in, she said. Note that off the catwalk, women have been landing high-profile positions in the industry. Marigay McKee is leaving Harrods to become president of US retail giant Saks, while Stacey Cartwright, former Burberry finance director, is thought to be close to being named the new CEO of Harvey Nichols. In both cases, the women replace male incumbents.

2. Minimalism is over

When the fashion history books are written, the years from 2009 to 2013 will be known as the Golden Era of the Interestingly Plain. The Interestingly Plain was a fraternity inspired by Philo, whose skill at saturating the simplest garment with modernity and cool made other designers frills and fastenings look instantly naff. With hindsight, the writing was on the wall for the Interestingly Plain when two supposed minimalists, Raf Simons and Hedi

Chanel airlines takes flight at Paris fashion week

At “terminal 2C” in Paris, flight attendants at the check-in desks went about their duties assisting hordes of glamorous passengers. Not that they were actually heading anywhere. This was the slick set of the Chanel fashion show and it was not lost on the audience that while this event was all about the clothes, in the real world, angry airline workers had been ripping the shirts from their bosses’ backs.

As has become customary at Chanel, the immersive catwalk experience paid strict attention to detail, with the tongue-in-cheek references delightful or predictable, depending on your point of view.

The set at Grand Palais included a large departure board featuring the destinations where the brand has held its recent resort fashion shows – from Dallas to Salzburg to Shanghai. Branded luggage trollies were abandoned by “Porte No 5”, while VIP guests were seated on rows of aluminium waiting-lounge chairs.

The set echoed that of recent Chanel shows, which have featured brasseries and supermarkets – the point being designer Karl Lagerfeld has the power to elevate the mundane into the desirable with a sprinkle of the Chanel-branding fairy dust.

The travel theme is an obvious one for the Parisian label. Lagerfeld, who travels by private jet,

8 Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Cycling Rookie

With the recent explosion in cycling popularity, the United States is experiencing record growth in the sport of cycling. This is a particularly encouraging development in a country which has largely associated cyclists with automotive target practice using projectiles like Gatorade bottles and 7-11 Big Gulps.

Each day a new cyclist dons his or her two wheeled steed for the first time is a day where more people learn to tolerate the sport. However, if you go out on the road and look like the quintessential cycling geek who clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing, you will only hurt the cyclist’s cause for social acceptance.

We all have to start somewhere, and I was definitely not immune to being a neophyte. I had all the rookie characteristics: the obscenely large helmet, haggard looking shorts, baggy jersey, hairy legs, greasy chain marks on my calves, bobbing posture on the bike – oh yes, I was indeed a tool.
However, not all rookies have to be subject to ridicule. There is a way to look experienced without having thousands of miles under your legs; you just have to pay attention to the details. This article is targeted towards folks who are new to the

7 Fashion Necessities for The Road

So you’ve got a full tank of gas and your itinerary all planned, but aren’t quite packed yet? This list of fashion necessities for the road will give you the inspiration you need to dress for perfect photos at the coolest roadside attractions.


  1. Headscarf

Not only will a summery headscarf give you a perfectly retro look, but it will protect your hair from the windy road. If you’d rather let your hair down to stream in the sunshine, tie it cravat-style for some Wes Anderson vibes. This versatile fabric can also be used as an eye-mask for getting that necessary rest before another day behind the wheel, as a mouth cover if you encounter a dust storm, as a belt, or as a tourniquet if your luck on the road goes south.

  1. Denim Shorts

Everyone needs one of those Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of shorts, that fit comfortably no matter what, and that go with any outfit. Bonus points if they’re long enough that you can roll them to different lengths to suit


  1. Light Jacket with Pockets

A light jacket will keep you warm during desert nights and in overly air-conditioned hotel rooms. Plus, the pockets are a great place to store